2024 GALA

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Annual Gala to be held at

Connestee Falls Clubhouse on Saturday October 19th.


Everyone loved Tonka and Tonka loved everyone he met. If you just need to hug a horse, then Tonka was your Horse! He was named Tonka because he reminded his mom of a strong, tough Tonka truck. Inside that hefty frame was a generous heart of pure gold. Tonka genuinely enjoyed his job and was a skillful teacher with infinite patience. Tonka used to trail ride and came to Free Rein as a result of some problems with his feet that limited his ability to move comfortably on rocky trails. With some corrective shoeing he became sound at walk and trot. Tonka loved to have a bath – BUT – no clippers please! You know that buzzy sound/feel they have… he was scared of them! His favorite treat was carrots and he will choose them over Pony Pizza every time. Sometimes he saved stuff for later in his always droopy lower lip!

After some serious thought we thought have decided that it would be in Tonka’s best interest to retire. Congratulations, Tonka, on your retirement! He retired to Sugarbrush Farm on See Off Mountain in December, where he reunited with his friend Toby. Tonka had been with Free Rein since 2014, we want to thank you for all the lessons you have participated in, all the lives you have touched, and continuing help others by spending time with Toby after the loss of Cassie.