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“Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return”

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None of what we do at Free Rein is possible without our equine partners. Our horses are the heart of our program. The herd is comprised of seasoned, well trained and willing horses. Not just any horse can be a Therapy Horse. It takes the right temperament, personality, size and health to provide the optimum experience. Every horse in our herd goes though training and schooling to keep them in the best working shape both mentally and physically.


Zoey Breed: Welch Pony Cross Age: 12 Height: 10 hands Gender: Mare Zoey joined the Free Rein herd in 2019.  She is loaned to us [...]


Ayla Breed: Bashkir Curly Age:  12 Height:  15.2 Hands Gender:  Mare Ayla is leased to us from one of our instructors, Mary. She started with Free Rein [...]


Riley Breed: Friesian Clydesdale Age: 15 Height: 17 hands Gender: Gelding Riley is owned by Mark and Susan Habel and started his work with [...]


Cassie Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 32 Height: 14.3 hands Gender: Mare Cassie comes to us from Camp Carolina and has been working with us [...]


Danny Breed: Connemara Pony Age: 31 Height: 14.1 hands Gender: Gelding Owned by Rockbrook Camp, Danny has been with us since 2011. Rockbrook bought him as [...]


Jessie Breed: Appaloosa Cross Age: 14 Height: 15.3 hands Gender: Mare Jessie joined the program in 2018. She has spent many years showing hunt seat and [...]


Milton Breed: Warm Blood Age: 24 Height: 16.1 hands Gender: Gelding Milton started his lease with us in 2018, thanks to his loving owner Sarah. In [...]


Moe Breed: Oldenburg Age: 24 Height: 16.1 hands Gender: Gelding Owned by Rockbrook Camp, Moe has been with Free Rein since 2014. Since his start at Rockbrook, [...]


Monty Breed: Tennessee Walker Cross Age: 17 Height: 15.3 Hands Gender: Gelding Monty comes to us from Camp Carolina and has been working with us since 2013. Camp [...]


Skip Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 18 Height: 15.1 hands Gender: Gelding Skip joined the program in 2012. In Skip’s earlier years he was [...]


Tonka Breed: Paint Age: 22 Height: 15.2 hands Gender: Gelding Tonka was donated to Free Rein by Karen Owen in May 2015. In his previous career [...]


Ytzen Breed: Friesian Age: 18 Height: 16.3 hands Gender: Gelding Ytzen has been leased to us by his loving owner Jessica since 2017. In Ytzen’s younger [...]



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