Breed: Lusitano

Color: Black

Height: 16.0 hands

Gender: Gelding

Tomar was bred at Carpe Diem Farm, LLC in Fall City, Washington. He lived in California with his trainer, Linda Walton, until he was 14 years old. He then was purchased by Jaz Ranch in Levan, UT to become the next herd sire for this breeding ranch. A trainer saw Tomar standing alone in a bare paddock 4 years later. He convinced his owner to let him take Tomar to find a forever loving home. 

Desiree bought him when he was almost 19 years old and had recently been gelded. Tomar was given a refresher course in dressage and was trained as Intermediate I. He has been a true gift, always being patient and willing to teach new riders no matter their skill level. “He is truly a one in a million horse and I am the luckiest person to have had him to be my teacher in my beginning horse/dressage journey” states Desiree. 

Desiree reached out to Brittany about the potential of using Tomar in the program. Brittany went out to look at him and of course loved him, as he has a calm demeanor. His gait will be perfect for our riders who seek more sensory output. His kind gentle personality makes him a wonderful fit to work with any horse leader. When he came to Free Rein, he had never been pastured with another horse. Being with the other Free Rein horses has allowed Tomar to bond and make lifelong friendships. It is our pleasure to have Tomar as part of our herd and are excited to see how he will grow within the program.

Melodi Horni is a Proud HERO

Sandy & Howard Coleman are Proud HERO’s