sensory trail
The Sensory trail allows Free Rein Center the opportunity to reach and serve more people.

Therapeutic riding students are encouraged to use different senses, build memory, improve following directions and enhance social interactions. Students are able to increase their gross and fine motor skills in the activities along the trail.

Navigating a sensory trail improves balance and coordination. All program participants are able to increase body awareness as they guide horses over uneven ground. This aids in the general improvement of riding skills. Riders accustomed to a structured arena environment are challenged to adapt to an unstructured environment with different obstacles.

Another wonderful benefit is to provide a peaceful walking trail for parents and caregivers who might need a quiet, relaxing moment for their own mental health.
This trail is a good exercise not only for our students and other program participants, but for our horses as well. It is mentally stimulating and provides a welcome change from ridding inside the arena.